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Professor Amine Kamen

Canada Research Chair in Bioprocessing of Viral Vaccines
National Research Council of Canada Emeritus 

Joined the department of Bioengineering  in 2013 after a long and successful career as Principal Research Officer of the bioprocessing and manufacturing  vaccine program at the Biotechnology Research Institute , part of NRC the National Research Council of Canada, where he mainly focused in improving existing and developing new platforms for the production of recombinant products of therapeutic interest for both animal and human consumption.
He is also dedicated, since very early in his proffessional career, to train and supervise human qualified personal at all academic levels with a particular interest in encouraging a close interaction with the industrial sector.   

His group is interested in the following areas:

- Cell Culture Engineering
- Bioprocess Optimization and Scale-Up
- Manufacturing of antiviral vaccines and  viral vectors for gene delivery.

He is currently teaching the following courses:

BIEN 590 Cell Culture Engineering
- BIEN 340: Transport Processes in Biological Systems


Scientific Production


168 peer reviewed publications


Filled in the US and Canada, our patents have generated more than 70 license agreements and technology transferences to several Canadian companies

Book Chapters

Our contribution to literature is focused in giving the reader a broad and deep undertanding of specialized topics.

Selected Invited Presentations

Traveled all around the world to collaborate with professional associations and expose the revelance of our research.

Selected Publications

Some of his patents

  1. Shen, Chun Fang and Kamen, Amine, Method of viral production in Cells. Date September 13, 2012.  Patent WO/2012/122625 A1.
  2. Transfiguracion J. and Kamen A., Detection of Intact Recombinant Viruses, Date July, 2010. US patent 7,754,421
  3. Yeboah F., Jardin B., Konishi Y., Kamen A., Wong K. and Lee S.Y., Preparation , Characterization and Quantitation of Active Fraction from Yeastolate that Promotes Growth and Recombinant-protein Expression of Insect cells, Patent filed (2003). CA2436691A14

Pavillon des Sciences Biologiques UQAM 141 President-Kennedy, Room SB-5585 Montreal, QC H2X 1Y4


Office: +1 514 398 5775
Lab: +1 514 987 3000 Ext. 2245