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Our research group is part of the recently created Department of Bioengineering, the newest department to join McGill University’s renowned Faculty of Engineering. Together with our colleges, we are actively involved in various areas of Bioengineering including computational biology; materials and mechanics; biomolecular and cellular engineering; and biomedical, diagnostics and high throughput screening.

Ranked among the best top 20 Universities in the world, McGill offers a unique environment to foster your creativity, and expand your horizons. Its outstanding amount of resources and extra academic activities will grant you with the tool that you need to succeed in the everyday more competitive professional environment.  

The program is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge in natural sciences, engineering, and mathematics, as they relate to the field of bioengineering. Want to know more? We encourage you to check the program flyer. Or, if you prefer a person to person experience, contact our staff at

Biological and Biomedical Engineering (BBME) is a joint graduate program involving the Department of Bioengineering in the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the Faculty of Medicine. This interfaculty program supports the growing trend in research universities towards formalized interdisciplinary studies and multi-faculty collaboration. For more information please visit the program website

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We are based in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, named as the best city in the world for students. "You don't belive it"? check it here, or even better come visit us. Our team facilities are located in Biological Sciences Bulding at UQAM University, right outside of the Place des Arts Metro Station. Yes, you read it right! Our department has secured for now a space were we can also closely collaborate with scientists at UQAM, and still be at walking distance from McGill downtown campus.

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We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate, share and help other groups to achieve their goals  

Phone: +1 514 398 5775 


Pavillon des Sciences Biologiques UQAM 141 President-Kennedy, Room SB-5585 Montreal, QC H2X 1Y4


Office: +1 514 398 5775
Lab: +1 514 987 3000 Ext. 2245