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Cell culture Engineering

We maintain a strategic focus on cell culture in suspension and serum free medium using HEK-293  and insect cell-baculovirus system as hosts for the expression of recombinant proteins and viral vectors.


Bioprocess Optimization and Scale-up

We led the design of advanced Animal Cell Culture Bioprocesses that have been transferred to Canadian and other industrial and non-profit organizations, novel soft and hard probes to on-line monitor changes in animal cell physiological states in real time during bioreactor culture operations.


Viral vaccines manufacturing and Viral Vectors for gene delivery 

Adenoviral, adenoassociated and baculovirus vectors are representative to a broad range of viral structures, morphologies and functions; as such they represent different engineering and manufacturing challenges. By solving key scientific and engineering questions at different scales, a multi-dimensional bioengineering approach led to the development of fully integrated processes for viral vector productions.

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Pavillon des Sciences Biologiques UQAM 141 President-Kennedy, Room SB-5585 Montreal, QC H2X 1Y4


Office: +1 514 398 5775
Lab: +1 514 987 3000 Ext. 2245