Development of scalable downstream processing platform for HEK293SF cell-based influenza vaccine production


More than half a million people die every year from complications of seasonal influenza, and vaccination stands as the most effective method to prevent and limit outbreaks of the disease. Constant vaccine development based on emerging strains and worldwide distribution of vaccines is a great challenge for public health and vaccine manufacturers, particularly in a potential pandemic scenario. The limited flexibility of the current egg-based production system combined with recent advances in large-scale cell culture techniques have encouraged the development of cell culture processes for influenza vaccine production. While cell culture offers a valuable alternative, productivities are still low when compared to traditional egg-based systems, requiring extensive efforts in process intensification and suspension cell line development.

Vaccine Technology VIII, ECI Symposium Series 2022
Professor Amine Kamen
Canada Research Chair in Bioprocessing of Viral Vaccines & National Research Council of Canada Emeritus

My research interests include cell culture engineering, bioprocess optimization and scale-up, and manufacturaing of antiviral vaccines and viral vectors for gene derlivery.