Bioprocessing of Viral Vaccines


This book focuses on cell culture-produced viral vaccines to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding research and development in academia and industry in the field. This book introduces the basic principles of vaccination and the manufacturing of viral vaccines. Bioprocessing of Viral Vaccines, will provide an overview of the advanced strategies needed to respond to the challenges of new and established viral infection diseases. The first few chapters cover the basics of virology and immunology as essential concepts to understand the function and design of viral vaccines. The core of the content is dedicated to process development, including upstream processing and cell culture of viral vaccines, downstream processing, and extensive analytical technologies specific to viral vaccines. Advanced process analytical technologies (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) concepts are also introduced in the context of vaccine manufacturing. The case studies included cover inactivated, attenuated vaccines exemplified by influenza vaccines, sub-unit vaccines exemplified by Virus Like Particles (VLPs: HPV vaccines) and sub-unit vaccines (Flublock), vectored vaccines: adenoviruses and Vesicular stomatitis Virus (VSV) vectored vaccines, genomic vaccines (DNA and mRNA) vaccines as developed for COVID-19 response in particular and a review of COVID-19 vaccines approved or in advanced clinical trials. This book is aimed at graduate engineers and professionals in the fields of vaccinology, bioprocessing, and biomanufacturing of viral vaccines.

CRC Press
Professor Amine Kamen
Canada Research Chair in Bioprocessing of Viral Vaccines & National Research Council of Canada Emeritus

My research interests include cell culture engineering, bioprocess optimization and scale-up, and manufacturaing of antiviral vaccines and viral vectors for gene derlivery.