The Viral Vectors and Vaccines Bioprocessing group of Professor Kamen is examining how the viral vaccine production process can be accelerated by understanding how cells and viruses interact, as well as the cellular metabolic state needed for maximum productivity. This understanding will help develop the processes and technologies needed to make safe, potent, cost-effective vaccines.

Our research team is building capacity in viral-based treatments and preventions, and supporting the translation of discoveries in vaccines and gene therapy. Our work could lead to developing and commercializing vaccines and immunotherapies that will significantly improve Canadians’ health.

Viral vaccines manufacturing & viral vectors for gene delivery

Adenoviral, adeno-associated, baculovirus, and lentiviral vectors are representative of a broad range of viral structures, morphologies and functions; as such, they represent different engineering and manufacturing challenges. By solving key scientific and engineering questions at different scales, a multi-dimensional bioengineering approach will lead to the development of fully integrated processes for viral vector productions.

Cell Culture Engineering

We maintain a strategic focus on cell culture in suspension and serum free medium using HEK-293 and insect cell-baculovirus systems as hosts for the expression of recombinant proteins and viral vectors.

Bioprocess Optimization and Scale-up

  • Design of advanced animal cell culture bioprocesses that have been transferred to Canadian and other industrial and non-profit organizations.

  • Novel designs for soft and hard probes for real-time on-line monitoring of changes in animal cell physiological states during bioreactor culture operations.