Available Technology

Our lab is equipped with a variety of equipment and resources that enable us to develop novel cell lines and manufacturing processes for the production, purification and characterization of viral vectors and vaccines.

Cell-based Expression Platforms

Our strategic focus regarding expression platforms is mainly centered around eukaryotic cell-based systems, namely HEK293, VERO, and insect-derived cell lines with the option of using the baculoviral expression system. The relevance of these platforms resides in their widespread use within the industrial sector.


HEK293 is a cell line originally derived from human embryonic kidney. Besides being commonly used in cancer research, it has become an iconic cell line for the production of adenoviral-based and retroviral-based viral vectors.

Insect Cell-Baculovirus

Insect cells used for the expression of recombinant proteins are derived from insects susceptible to the infection of Baculoviruses. By replacing certain viral genes with genes coding for proteins of interest, it is possible to produce a great variety of recombinant products.


The Vero cell line is the most widely used continuous cell line for the production of viral vaccines, including those against influenza, Japanese encephalitis, polio, and rabies, amongst others. The original Vero cell line was derived in 1962 from the kidney of an African green monkey. The cells are interferon deficient, which could explain their permissiveness to viral infection.